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Where is the data from?
The PriceWatch data is sourced from fuel purchases processed by CardLink using thousands of our CardLink cards. Due to this, we only display fuel sites within New Zealand that accept CardLink cards. These fuel sites include Service Stations, Truck Stops and Marinas. Fuel transactions received are updated to the PriceWatch data to determine the minimum, maximum and average fuel prices that are being offered by fuel companies across New Zealand.
How current is the data?
CardLink receives data from online and off-line fuel retailers – with fuel prices from online retailers being processed in real-time and off-line retailers providing data in batches. PriceWatch will always be updated every 24 hours at a minimum.
How often is PriceWatch updated?
PriceWatch data automatically refreshes every night at midnight, only requiring a minimum of five (5) transactions (from anywhere in New Zealand) to be processed before new prices are displayed on the site. With thousands of cardholders throughout New Zealand, this keeps the PriceWatch data accurate. The data refreshing process resets the minimum, maximum and average price for the day.
Use the prices as a guide
Despite the frequent data updates, we suggest using PriceWatch as a guide only. CardLink accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, integrity, or timeliness of this information. However, CardLink works exclusively from data received from service stations with no alterations to information.
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