Key benefits – how the 1link Service Network makes vehicle management easy
Supplier network
Drivers can access service centres, including franchise dealers and independents via our online network – no research necessary.
Electronic invoicing and billing
Once the work has been carried out, 1link can deliver invoices electronically to your fleet customer instantly
Total visibility
Get an instant snapshot of your fleet’s events, responsibilities and tasks in a central user-friendly dashboard.
1link will deliver enormous financial benefits by minimising invoice rejection
More control
Stay on top of task lists, set maintenance rules, and see the entire vehicle asset record, all in one place.
How does it work?
1link Service Network connects fleet operators to merchants via a central digital invoicing platform – streamlining the entire process of service bookings, authorisation and payment processing, cost control and managing supplier relationships.
Online Authorisation
Rather than waiting on hold to speak with your fleet customers, simply enter the details of the work you wish to carry out and request authorisation online.
1link registered fleets can specify rules to automatically authorise work instantly. Exceptions are passed through to their maintenance team for response and are given priority over telephone calls.
Electronic Invoicing
Once the service work is complete, 1link delivers electronic invoices, directly to your fleet customer in an instant. With far more control than RCTI, 1link allows you to create your own invoice using your own invoice reference number. Fleets receive invoices without delay and without the need to verify them so payments can be made more quickly.
Full Reporting and Audit Trail
At any moment in time, 1link allows you to view all jobsheets that you have in progress and review all actions that have occurred to date. A full audit trail is available which details what was approved, when and by whom. Run reports to find out what you have invoiced to your fleet customers within a certain time period, or view what is still waiting to be finalised.
Support and Training
Once your fleet has signed up for the 1link Service Network, a 1link representative will take you through the digital invoicing platform to get you up and running as soon as possible. Despite being an intuitive platform, 1link has a dedicated support team available for 24/7 support.
Trusted by more than 50,000 users worldwide

Including some of the world’s largest fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers – 1link is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms servicing the automotive industry.

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