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What is the BP Card offered by CardLink?

CardLink is part of FLEETCOR, a leading global business payments company. CardLink has partnered with BP to offer a competitive fuel card for your business.

Your BP card can be used to purchase fuel at over 300 service stations NZ wide.

Which fuel stations can I use my CardLink BP Fuelcard?

With the Cardlink BP Fuelcard you can use your card at the below, you can check out all the locations at our site locator at www.cardlink.co.nz/bp-fuel-card

  • Over 300 sites within the BP Fuelcard network:
    • 90 BP Connect sites featuring the award winning Wild Bean Café
    • 112 independently owned BP sites
  • Over 55 BP Truckstops
  • Over 100 G.A.S. sites
  • 16 RD Petroleum sites (South Island)

How do I complete a transaction?

  1. Drive in
  2. Note the odometer reading
  3. Fill up and proceed to transaction counter
  4. Swipe card and enter odometer reading when prompted.
  5. Enter your PIN
  6. Retain the docket
  7. It’s that EASY!

What should I do if a card is lost/stolen?

Notify your Fleet Manager / Office Manager immediately. If you’re the account holder you can call us on 0800 663 866 or log into your account at www.cardsmart.co.nz and cancel your card.

What should I do if a transaction is declined?

Contact your Fleet Manager or call Card Smart customer service on 0800 663 866.

How do I care for my card?

  • Keep your card clean
  • Do not bend your card
  • Do not expose your card to magnetic surfaces
  • Do not expose your card to excessive sunlight
  • Store your card in a protective cover

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