Power your business with the right fleet solution.
CardLink delivers smarter fleet payment solutions to support your evolving business needs.
From fuel pump to payment and beyond. Experience the CardLink advantage.
Simplify your payments
View all payments through a consolidated single invoice.
Get more visibility
Check all user transactions and behaviours through a single dashboard.
Enjoy more coverage and deals
Access special deals and offers across our extensive networks.
Help create a greener tomorrow
Embrace eco-friendly practices that balance purpose and profit.
Fleet solutions
Choose the solution that’s right for your business.
CardSmart Fuel Card
Streamline fuel and expense management and access major service stations nationwide.
BP Fuelcard
Tap into New Zealand’s largest fuel network and enjoy special discounts and offers.
The easy way to manage fleet maintenance authorisations.
I'd recommend CardSmart for businesses. It's the only multi branded fuel card that gets access to fuel anywhere in New Zealand. You get discounts from not just fuel providers; can pay for a taxi, get a rental truck from Budget rentals, buy tools for your trade on the fly at Bunnings. And all purchases go on 1 invoice.
Ian Johnson
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Five ways to reduce procurement expenses for your fleet
Procurement expenses are a fixed part of the landscape that also bite into our budget when they’re least wanted. Shifting costs, elastic supply timeframes, and...
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