By choosing ecoDRIVE you’re helping to make a positive impact
1,906,724 kms
of driving emissions offset
637,666 trees
326,050 tonnes
of carbon offset
92 hectares
of native forests grown
The above data shows the difference we’ve made to the environment with your support since 2015 through our ecoDRIVE program, helping fleets like yours to reduce your carbon footprint.

Did you know…

That over 70% of NZ’s transport emissions are from passenger vehicles and light trucks? The average medium car produces 4.3 tonnes of Co2 annually.

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How does it work?
By choosing ecoDRIVE, you’re helping to make a positive impact on the planet by planting native forests that contribute to offsetting your fleet’s carbon emissions. We have been proudly offering this initiative to our customers for over 7 years through our partnership with Green Earth Appeal and Green Fleet.
How does it work?
Our ecoDRIVE programme is a flexible opt-in model. Once you choose to take part in ecoDRIVE it is simply added to your CardLink account and immediately starts to offset your carbon emissions and help to protect the environment.

What is the cost?
ecoDRIVE can be easily added to your new or existing account and only costs $2.25 per card (exc. GST) /per month.
What are the benefits?
ecoDRIVE plants native forests that are legally protected for 100 years, so you are supporting long-term carbon sequestration while providing habitats for native birds and wildlife. Your contribution will not go unnoticed. Every year, upon request your business will receive an e-Certificate from CardLink listing the number of trees that have been planted and the expected tonnes of CO2 that will be offset through the programme. This shows the positive impact the ecoDRIVE programme is making with the help of your business.

More about the programmes ecoDRIVE supports
Green Earth Appeal
The Green Earth Appeal is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise, and one of only 61 worldwide planting partners of the United Nations Environment Programme. They have planted over 1.7 million trees across 17 countries, offsetting over 1 million tonnes of carbon build up.
For a quarter of a century, Greenfleet have been protecting the climate by restoring our forests. By planting native biodiverse forests in New Zealand and Australia, Greenfleet restores critical ecosystems and reduces carbon emissions for businesses like yours. To date, they have planted 10 million trees, offset 3.9 million tonnes of carbon and created over 500 native forests.
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