Key benefits – how CardSmart
supports your fleet
CardSmart is the ONLY fuel card accepted at all major fuel sites throughout NZ.
Total vehicle expense control through product restrictions and spend monitoring.
One monthly, IRD Approved, consolidated tax invoice for flawless accounting.
Everyday fuel savings from our nation-wide network of fuel sites and partners.
Extensive non-fuel partner network including Warrant of Fitness (WoF), parts, glass and more.
CardSmart Mobile App
The CardSmart App makes life on the go easier by providing a comprehensive overview for your vehicle and fuel expenses at the touch of a button.
Drivers don’t have to worry about finding fuel deals or losing receipts – spending less time entering expenses and more time focusing on the job at hand.
Managers can trust in one source of truth for full fleet visibility – spending less time chasing up drivers and more time on growing their fleet.
Download the free app today, from the iTunes App Store and Google Play to maximise your CardSmart experience!
Increased savings with Pricewatch
PriceWatch takes the guess work out of fuel savings by providing a snapshot of the fuel transaction prices throughout New Zealand. The data is updated every 24 hours and is sourced from fuel purchase transactions that are processed by CardLink using CardLink supplied fuel cards.
Optimise your fleet savings, to find the best fuel prices no matter your location.
Green Earth Appeal
With ecoDRIVE your fuel cards could help create a greener tomorrow
CardSmart helps your business invest in sustainability by partnering with Green Earth Appeal to develop the ecoDRIVE programme. ecoDRIVE will plant native trees and vegetation on your company’s behalf throughout New Zealand.

Green Earth Appeal

The Green Earth Appeal is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise, working with some of the planet’s developing communities to promote tree planting for carbon offsetting. The Green Earth Appeal continues in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and with the support of companies like yours.

Green Fleet

Green Fleet is Australasia’s most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets. Planting over 8.5 million native trees in more than 400 biodiverse forests since 1997.

How does your company benefit from ecoDRIVE?

Your company automatically starts its sustainability programme by using CardSmart. Every year, upon request your business will receive an e-Certificate from CardSmart that shows the number of trees that have been planted and the expected amount of CO2 absorption created by the ecoDRIVE programme.

What is involved for your company?

There is no extra participation required. This programme is the easiest way to show your customers that your fleet cares about environmental impact. When you take part in the ecoDRIVE programme you will be supporting the Green Earth Appeal and Green Fleet work towards offsetting your company's carbon footprint. If you want to opt out of this programme, simply fill out the opt out form.

I'd recommend CardSmart for businesses. It's the only multi branded fuel card that gets access to fuel anywhere in New Zealand. You get discounts from not just fuel providers; can pay for a taxi, get a rental truck from Budget rentals, buy tools for your trade on the fly at Bunnings. And all purchases go on 1 invoice.
Ian Johnson
Fuel Site Locator
Accepted at all major fuel stations across New Zealand including Z, BP, Caltex, Challenge, Gull, Mobil and g.a.s. – simply zoom into your current location or search your postcode to find the closest partner fuel station.
The fuel card with a difference
Forget the stress of fuel and expense management – streamline your fleet with CardSmart.
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