CardLink is proud to announce we have renewed our partnership with carbon offset provider Greenfleet for the seventh year.

to make a positive difference to the planet and counteract tonnes of carbon emissions from vehicles.

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation that plants native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to restore critical ecosystems and capture carbon emissions on behalf of its supporters.

Our partnership, which started in 2016, has already offset over 1.9 million kilometres of driving emissions by growing protected native forests.

Real programs delivering real results:

Not all carbon offsets are created equal, and it is critical for businesses to choose quality offsetting programs in their bid to make a positive difference.

That’s why we have chosen Greenfleet as our partner.

Greenfleet has been taking climate action for over 25 years and focuses on delivering carbon offsetting projects with environmental benefits that are both tangible and far reaching.

Why we choose Greenfleet to deliver ecoDRIVE:

  1. Greenfleet focuses on creating resilient forests that will thrive while absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, improving soil and water quality, and providing vital habitat for native wildlife. Revegetation projects are designed by experts using government-approved best practice guidelines.
  1. Planting is not the final step – Greenfleet legally protects each and every revegetation project for up to 100 years with an agreement on the land title. So even if the land changes owners, it is still protected.
  2. Greenfleet works with local communities and Traditional Owners to support broad benefits for the country and communities.
  3. Greenfleet’s carbon offsetting projects are verified by the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM), a calculation tool for modelling greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector developed by CSIRO and approved by the Australian Department of the Environment, and are independently audited.

Growing change, locally

Over the past seven years, Greenfleet has planted 637,666 trees on behalf of ecoDRIVE; with over 92 hectares of native forests grown and offsetting a staggering 326,050 tonnes of carbon.

Climate change is a global issue, but it’s locally where we can really see the positive impact of our work.

We have contributed to the ecosystem restoration of almost 20 forest sites in New Zealand and Australia. Here are two projects that are close to our hearts:

Te Muri, Auckland

Located just north of Auckland, one regional park benefitting from our Greenfleet partnership is Te Muri.

Between 2016 and 2022, CardLink was the primary supporter helping Greenfleet revegetate around 60 hectares of the park with more than 70,000 trees to help conserve and enhance its unique biodiversity. That’s equivalent to 33 Eden Park Stadiums!

Our local CardLink team also got their hands dirty with tree planting days, knowing that the trees they planted will be protected for 100 years.

Atiu Creek Regional Park, Auckland

Another project is the little-known Atiu Creek Regional Park. Originally a farm gifted to the Auckland Regional Council by Jackie and Pierre Chatelanat, the 847-hectare park is Auckland’s third largest regional park but remains quite unknown to Aucklanders.

In 2015, Greenfleet and CardLink planted 1,000 native trees to help with an ongoing reforestation program in the park and provide habitats for the three nationally threatened bird species living in the park: the NZ dabchick, Brown Teal, and the North Island Brown Kiwi.

You can learn more about Atiu Creek Regional Park, Te Muri Regional Park and many more projects on the Greenfleet website.

For any New Zealand businesses yet to start carbon offsetting, anytime is a good time to join the action by adding ecoDRIVE to your CardLink account.

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